Week 8 – The Coleman Report

This week we start discussing the relationship between Schools, families and inequality. The first video is my “Lecture” on the topic based on the reading for this week. Take notes and answer to the questions I asked throughout the video in the comments section.

Watch the video below (only 5min), where the author of the report in our reading list for this week (Eric A. Hanushek) discusses the influence of the Coleman Report on its 50th anniversary.

The video below very nicely summarizes the main theme of our course this week. Have a look at it, take notes and ask questions in the comments section. It is only 11min long and the quality of the video is great (definitely much better than mine…)

After watching all of the videos, what is your opinion? Are you more of an optimist and fully believe in the transformative power of schools or are you ready to blast Pink-Floyd on repeat and declare that you don’t need no education? (If you didn’t get the last reference, watch the videoclip at the end of the post)

2 thoughts on “Week 8 – The Coleman Report

  1. Cynthia U.

    The Coleman Report put strong emphasis on the role of family on a child’s development and success in life. After watching the videos and reading the report, I now find myself at odds with the role of schools. Do they reproduce, compensate, or exacerbate inequalities? I still can’t choose which one schools most reflect. I’d like to be optimistic and believe that schools help to relieve inequalities, but I lean more towards it promoting inequality. And where the family structure is concerned, I believe family has much more influence on a child than schools do.

  2. Tahsin Khan

    How do you think education is going to be for younger developing minds now because online schooling may be beneficial to some and not beneficial to others? Many children don’t have access to laptops and the internet. I feel like the curriculum for school will change drastically and it could affect a student.


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